Rules!!! Read first.

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Rules!!! Read first.

Post  Reckless.Abandonment on March 30th 2009, 8:15 pm

These rules are simple and easy. They will be updated as more members come into play, but for now, this is it!

1. Number one rule! Take namecalling, insults, and any kind of personal drama of any sort to the Drama Pit. Any persons not following this simple rule will be reprimanded.

2. Treat others with respect. This includes respecting others' opinions. If you ask for advice and get an answer you don't approve of, feel free to respond to it. Politely.

3. If you're thinking of posting a new topic, first search previous topics to be sure that your topic hasn't already made its run around here.

4. Since this is a site intended for consenting adults, nudes and/or other forms of sexual photography are allowed. If a member posts a picture of themselves and are obviously underage, they will be removed from the forum permenantly. Same goes for posting of any pictures where the person is obviously underage.
4a. A side rule: there is no pornography allowed in this forum. Ever.

5. No Emo stereotypical whining. Ex. "I just took five times the dosage of asprin." Not only does it sound stupid, and you will most likely be made fun of for it, but asprin and other over-the-counter pain killers take at least 8 to 9 months to shut down your kidneys or liver, and that's taking a consistant amount. So, if you're thinking of committing suicide, take to a licensed professional and not a forum.

And lastly, this is supposed to be a good experience for those who are sick of the stereotypes and want to express what Emo is really about. If you don't like the stereotypes, change how this forum will be viewed. Give it some depth.

<3 Reckless.Abandonment

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